Obot Akara local government area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, has 3 districts which all use different postal/zip codes.

Here are the postal/zip codes for Obot Akara:

Ikot Abia

Areas within Ikot Abia use the same code:

Location Postcode
Abak Ukpom530104
Nto Eton530104
Abiakpo Idiaha530104
Ntong Uno530104
Abiakpo Ikot Abasi-Inyang530104
Obon Ukwa I530104
Ama Okop530104
Obon Ukwa II530104
Ikot Abia530104
Unik Osung530104
Ikot Akpan-Enuek530104
Ikot Ikok530104
Ikot Moboho530104
Ikot Obo Nto530104
Ikot Obuk530104
Ikot Ukpong Ikot Udan530104
Ikot Upeng530104
Ikot-Udom Anwa530104
Mbat Esifon530104

Nto Edino

All the streets within Nto Edino use the same:

Location Postcode
Nto Ekpe530105
Nto Esu530105
Nto Ide530105
Nto Ide Anwa-Effiat530105
Nto Obio Iwok530105
Nto Omen530105
Okpo Eto Ikot Imo530105
Ikot Osom530105
Abasi Eduo530105
Ikot Udo Nto-Ide530105
Abiakipo Nkap530105
Ikot Ukana530105
Abiakpo Ikot-530105
Nto Asiak530105
Abiakpo Ikot-Ukam530105
Nto Edino Obot530105
Atan Ibong530105
Edem Idem Okpo Eto530105
Ibom Uruk530105
Ikot Essien530105
Ikot Eyem530105
Ikot Ide530105
Ikot Idem Udo530105
Ikot Mba530105
Ikot Mem530105
Ikot Oku530105

Obot Akara Town

Locations within Obot Akara Town use the same:

Location Postcode
Inyang I530103
Abiakpo Ibo530103
Inyang II530103
Abiakpo Ikot530103
Mkpa Uno530103
Abiakpo Ikot-Obio Nting530103
Nko Nto Okono530103
Atai Ikwen530103
Nkpo Nto Nkoboho530103
Esa Iken530103
Nsit Ikpe530103
Ikot Abasi Eyop530103
Nto Ekpu530103
Ikot Abia Osom530103
Nto Ndung530103
Ikot Atasung530103
Nto Obio Ikang530103
Ikot Ntuen530103
Oku Obom530103
Ikot Utin530103
Uto Ekpu Ikot530103
Ikot Utu530103
Utu Ikot530103
Ikot Utu Ikot Akpan530103
Ikpe Mbak Eyop530103
Ikpe Usung-Ita530103
Ikwen Ikot Udom530103

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