Kirikiri is a location within the city of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is divided into Kirikiri Phase and Kirikiri Industrial.

All the aforementioned districts contain several locations that make use of varying postal or zip code.

Here are the districts within Kirikiri and their postcodes:

Kirikiri Phase

Location  Postcode
Abudu St St. 102273
Agunbiade St St. 102273
Airport Road St. 102273
Akekotile Street St. 102273
Akere Street St. 102273
Amuda Street / Lane St. 102273
Ayinde Faloye Close St. 102273
Biolas Oluwa Close St. 102273
Cardoso Close St. 102273
Cardoso Street St. 102273
Igunnu St St. 102273
John Nwachukwu Cl St. 102273
Johnson Cl St. 102273
Johnson St St. 102273
Kirikiri Industrial Avenue St. 102273

Kirikiri Industrial

Location postcode
Steve Ajose St St. 102272
Dillion St St. 102272
Okoduwa St St. 102272
Comfort Oboh st St. 102272
Alomeme St St. 102272
Raphel Ede Cl St. 102272
Ezira Cl St. 102272
Faith St St. 102272
Olubaka St St. 102272
Amka Ekiti St. 102272
Ekere St St. 102272
Oke Ufo St St. 102272
Kogberegbe St St. 102272
Ohumobudo St St. 102272
Abdulami St St. 102272
Obo Cl St. 102272
Happy Home Ave St. 102272
Coshoris St St. 102272

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